Did You Catch HECK’s Mica Keeble on BBC’s Casualty?

Did You Catch HECK’s Mica Keeble on BBC’s Casualty?

If you were watching BBC's Casualty last weekend, you might’ve spotted HECK’s Mica Keeble caught up in the long-running soap's latest explosive storyline. 


Before beginning her day job at HECK! HQ and becoming a busy mum, HECK’s Mica Keeble had a successful career as an actress. If you’re an Emmerdale fan, you’ll probably remember her best for playing a young Charity Dingle!


Earlier this year, one of Mica’s old Directors got in touch to ask if she wanted to star in one of Casualty’s latest explosive storylines, where she would play a young pregnant woman caught up in a fire, and so she spent a number of days out of office to film two episodes for the BBC’s popular hospital drama.


The first of two episodes aired on 16 July, but don’t worry if you missed it because you can catch up here on BBC IPlayer. If you want to see Mica in action, don’t forget to watch the next episode on Saturday 23 July!


Mica had this to say about the time she spent on the Casualty set “Filming for Casualty was amazing and so much fun. It was the first time I was away from my daughter, but my husband and sister really helped and we made sure to Facetime lots when I was off set. The best thing is that I got to work with Director Mark Lacey, who I hadn’t worked with for about 8 years, so it was great to see him in action again and he hasn’t changed one bit. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him again. Honestly, I’m just lucky to have a very supportive family and work life so I’m able to swap some days around to fit everything in.”


HECK’s Co-Founder, Jamie Keeble, said “We are so proud of Mica – she is really following her dream and, if we can, we always encourage our team to let us know if they have an idea of something they really want to do. For example, last year, one of our team members, Jack, really showed us what he was made of and walked from Yorkshire to Cornwall to raise money for charity!”


If you think working at HECK sounds like something you’d enjoy, we have a range of roles available. You can apply at sausages@heckfood.co.uk.



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