HECK!’s Journey to Net Zero with NatWest & University of York

HECK!’s Journey to Net Zero with NatWest & University of York

With the support of NatWest and University of York, HECK! is building a long-term strategy to help us on our journey to net zero.

With small and medium sized enterprises responsible for around 70% of the world’s pollution and close to 17% of global greenhouse gas emissions, HECK! has started it’s journey to net zero with the support of NatWest and students from the University of York.

“Small companies like HECK! food can play a significant role in the food industry’s journey to net zero”, says a report by students at the University of York Sustainable Business Department.

The report gives 8 recommendations for HECK!, including investment in renewable energy, as well as continuing with plastic reduction and working with innovative companies in its supply chain.

HECK! co-founder, Debbie Keeble, explains “The work that the team at the University of York completed has helped us to develop a long-term strategy, which acknowledges its role in preventing the worst effects of climate change, but also helps us to adapt to the new reality that climate change will produce in the near future.”

In 2022, we really proud to have been able to hit some significant milestones, including: saving 175 tonnes of CO2 by reducing plastic intensity, donating 65,000 portions of food to food banks and adding CO2 information to our product packaging. This year, we’re hoping to finalise our Scope 3 emissions and set out a carbon reduction roadmap. We’re also aiming to install an energy monitoring system to help us to reduce energy consumption by 10%.

By making all of these changes, we’re hoping to lead by example and show the rest of the food industry what we’re made of, and hopefully inspire them to start their journey to net zero!


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