HECK’s Jamie Speaks to The Grocer About Inspiring the Next Generation

HECK’s Jamie Speaks to The Grocer About Inspiring the Next Generation

HECK Co-Founder, Jamie Keeble, spoke to The Grocer about careers in the food industry and how the narrative around them being “unskilled” and “low-paid” jobs needs to change.


In recent months, Jamie Keeble has been on a mission to call for more joined up thinking between education and immigration in the food industry. Last month, he spoke to the BBC about jobs and immigration, and most recently he provided an opinion piece for The Grocer about how the mindset surrounding food careers needs to change.


“With the image of working in food production still that of “cheap labour” or “unskilled jobs” – all terms I regularly hear from people who are responsible for employment or immigration legislation – we need to create a new narrative for the way we talk about food jobs to attract more people into the food manufacturing industry.”

Jamie went on to talk about how we can inspire the next generation by putting a “spotlight on the different opportunities and professions within all areas of the food industry” and “we must put food production back on the education agenda. We need to excite and inspire school leavers to look at food production as a fantastic opportunity for a rewarding, if sometimes challenging, career.”


You can read Jamie’s full opinion piece in The Grocer here.



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