You Said Yes to a HECK! Sprout Sausage, So Here it is!

You Said Yes to a HECK! Sprout Sausage, So Here it is!

We asked you if you’d fancy a Sprout Sausage this Christmas, and an overwhelming (and surprising) number of you said yes. So, if you want to try our festive twist on a Christmas classic, enter our giveaway today to be one of the lucky few to get an exclusive taste our new festive fave. 


We’re delivering holiday cheer in every delicious bite with our brand new, extremely limited edition HECK! Sprout Sausages. But, there’s a catch! We only have 60 packs to give away, so to make it as fair as possible, and in the spirit of Christmas, we’re holding a competition so 15 lucky winners can have some Sprout Sausages for their festive spreads. 


All you need to do for a chance to bag a pack is comment “Merry Sproutmas” on the below Instagram post!


Over 18s, UK only. Comp closes Midday Tues 12 December. Winners chosen at random. We will only ever contact winners from this account. If any other account contacts you claiming you have won, please ignore and do not click on any links.



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