The HECK Team Show Us What They’re Made Of!

The HECK Team Show Us What They’re Made Of!

Inspired by Jack’s long-distance walking exploits, other members of Team HECK have stepped forward to #ShowEmWhatYoureMadeOf


HECK’s Jack (pictured on the right) certainly showed us what he was made of when he walked over 400 miles from Kirklington to Cornwall during lockdown, raising over £5000 for SameYou charity. Inspired by Jack, the team at HECK have started a movement. #showemwhatyourmadeof


We challenged our team to come forward to give us ideas that will make a difference and we wanted you to meet a few people who are doing something to help our team in different ways. So, pictured from left to right, here is our team’s story so far.


Becky is training to be a Pilates teacher and wants to bring her knowledge to the company to help the team become more mobile, flexible and manage stress. She’s hoping to include yoga classes for the team delivered from the top of our HECK outdoor gym.


Gemma works in the technical department and is developing a paper- and pen-less system for the factory floor, to lower our waste output. To ensure our sausages are perfect in every way, we need to do a lot of paper work on the factory floor, but it will be much more efficient if we can go paperless.


James has a passion for the environment, and is working with the whole company on a major initiative to reduce our carbon footprint. Research shows that there are many different ways in food production to really make a difference, whether it be minimising food waste, reducing power consumption or reducing food miles.


We’ll keep you posted on how the team are doing and if you would like to show *US* what you’re made of, get in touch!  We’d love to hear from you.


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