HECK Launch World’s First Beanchup & Eggchup

HECK Launch World’s First Beanchup & Eggchup

If you love a side-helping of baked beans on the side of your fry-up, then you might be a fan of Beanchup – HECK’s brand new baked bean flavoured ketchup! Alternatively, if you like a nice runny egg on your sausage sandwich, then our eggchup might be your new favourite sauce.


We love to think of new ways we can revolutionise the traditional English breakfast, and we think we might’ve hit the jackpot with our latest innovation. Introducing: HECK Beanchup and Eggchup!


We’ve produced the world’s first baked bean flavoured ketchup so you can chuck it on your fry-up and breakfast sandwich. Made from a delicious blend of haricot beans, tomato and spices, there’s no reason why HECK’s beanchup won’t become your new go-to breakfast sauce.


Just when you thought it couldn’t get better, we thought of an idea that’s a bit marmite…eggchup! Made up of a two-ingredient blend of egg yolk and salt, this eggy sauce could be what you’ve been looking for to add a bit more excitement to your sausage sandwich. Although, it will more than likely cause a divide within your household…so eat at your own risk!


Both of these sauces have been launched as the perfect companions for our newly launched Breakfast Sausage, which is now available in Tescos and Morrisons stores across the country.



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