HECK Football Team Win The 6-A-Side Corporate League

HECK Football Team Win The 6-A-Side Corporate League

We take our football seriously at HECK and have a crack team of the best football players, who have done us proud and seen us through to the final.  We did it! Undefeated!

HECK's football team captain Guy, is pretty choosy when it comes to putting together a team.  Only the best of the best get in, and this leadership has led to victory this season!

The boys from HECK decided to join the local 6-A-Side Corporate league in Harrogate. They found their feet after the first couple of games and battled through, winning 11 out of 13 games having only drawn the other 2! How amazing!

Finally, they blew it out of the water on Wednesday and were crowned the winners. Not only did they win, they are the only team to be undefeated throughout a whole season! We won the Wednesday night Harrogate Corporate 6-A-Side league! What the HECK?

The boys are currently polishing their boots in preparation for next season....

Guy's victory football team

Big shout out to Team HECK! who have worked hard on the pitch all season to bring home the title. 

  • Guy

  • Alex

  • Jamie

  • Jack

  • Macca

  • Chris 

It's not only sausages we're good at, we're pretty good with balls too.  Stay tuned, we qualified for the cup final on Wednesday this week!!