12 Days of Christmas Recipes: Sausage Roll Wreath

12 Days of Christmas Recipes: Sausage Roll Wreath

As the grand finale of our festive culinary journey, we proudly present day 12 of our 12 Days of Christmas Recipes – a show-stopping centrepiece that’s both delicious and stunning. Introducing: the Sausage Roll Wreath!  


What better way to conclude our 12 Days of Christmas recipes collection than with a dish that combines the familiar comfort of sausage rolls with the festive spirit of a wreath? Our Sausage Roll Wreath recipe is perfect for gatherings and celebrations, embodying the essence and joy of Christmas.

The savoury HECK 97 Pork Sausages, paired with the sweetness of cranberries and the creamy richness of Brie, create a harmonious fusion of flavours. So, whether you’re hosting a family dinner or a festive party, your homemade Sausage Roll Wreath is sure to be the star of the show!

Find the full recipe over on Instagram 📸


And that’s a wrap! With that, from all of us at HECK!, we want to wish you a happy (and delicious) Christmas and New Year!


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