Grate! Another Year Supporting Our Local Football Club!

Grate! Another Year Supporting Our Local Football Club!
We think we’ve done it again when it comes to creating the worst football kit ever… but we think it’s “grate”.

We stand tall and proud alongside our local football team Bedale AFC, and stood there proud as ever when last year’s strip became the dubbed the ‘worst football kit ever’.  So we’ve doubled down and come up with a new design that we think is “grate”!

We’ve been sponsoring Bedale AFC’s kit since 2015.  They’re our local team and plenty of HECK’s employees have been subbed in over the seasons, and so at this level we were happy to get involved with sponsorship.


A member of the team, Steve Garbett, sadly passed away back in 2014 after battling Prostate Cancer, and so we began to sponsor Bedale AFC in memory of Steve, cementing our relationship with the club.


Since 2017, we’ve pulled out all the stops with our head-turning kit designs.  The team have gone from wearing strips designed to look like sausage and beans, to hotdogs drizzled with ketchup & mustard, to the all-round classic bangers & mash!


And this year we’ve gone veggie… The new footy kits are inspired by ingredients (and the odd utensil!) used to make our Veg with Edge range.  Bedale AFC will be sporting shirts and shorts inspired by the humble carrot, and for the goalie, a cheese grater strip inspires him to shred it up on the pitch!


If you’ve been following the story, you’ll have seen that over the past three years these kits have caught attention globally - even reaching a far as Australia – and where we are usually the butt of several jokes!  


Rather than hang our heads in shame though, we think this is a brilliant effort, because our ‘out there’ kits are designed to catch as much attention as possible to raise money and spread awareness for Prostate Cancer UK in memory of Steve. With every shirt sold, £5 is donated to the charity, and with all the attention our eye-catching kits get, it helps us to raise even more.


Club chairman Martyn Coombs said, “I’m sure they can’t complain this year about a carrot kit or a cheese grater goalie kit’.


“We always have a lot of fun with this project, but it carries a very serious message. Prostate Cancer kills 11,000 men every year. We urgently encourage men nearing 50 years of age to get checked regularly. The disease can be treated with a much higher success rate if caught early. “


To find out how to get your hands on one of these striking kits, go to historicfootballshirts.co.uk