Simply Lemon Chicken Pasta with Asparagus

Simply Lemon Chicken Pasta with Asparagus

Prep time: 10mins - Cook time: 10mins - Serves: 6

Look no further for a creamy fresh easy pasta dish! Made with our Heck Simply Chicken Chipolatas, fresh asparagus, tangy lemon and cream cheese, it is ideal for a mid-week meal 


  • 1 Pack Heck! Simply Chicken Chipolatas
  • 400g Penne Pasta
  • 300g Fresh Asparagus
  • 30g Butter
  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 235ml Single Cream
  • 110g Cream Cheese
  • 50g Grated Parmesan 
  • 200g Pesto
  • 1 Lemon


  1. Boil the pasta in salted water for 10 minutes or according to your pasta packet instructions
  2. Whilst the pasta cooks, pan-fry the Simply chicken Chipolatas for 8-10 minutes on medium heat
  3. Chop your asparagus into 2inch pieces and when the pasta is almost done throw in your cut asparagus to boil for a few minutes
  4. Finely dice the garlic whilst melting the butter in a large pan. Once the butter is melted add the diced garlic and cook until fragrant
  5. Add the single cream and cream cheese to the pan and stir until melted
  6. Stir in the pesto and grated parmesan
  7. Grate the skin of the lemon until you have 2 tsp of lemon zest to add to the pan. Then chop the lemon in half and squeeze the juice of half a lemon into the pan
  8. Bring the pasta sauce to a simmer and season with salt and pepper
  9. Add the pasta, chopped chicken chipolatas and asparagus to the pan and toss with the sauce
  10. Serve with lemon wedges and lemon basil (normal basil is fine too)


 Nutritional Information Per 100g 

Per 260g Portion

(2 Sausages = 58g)

Energy 1053kJ/252kcal 2738kJ/655kcal
Fat 14g 35g
Of Which Saturates 5.3g 14g
Carbohydrates  19g 51g
Of Which Sugars 2.0g 5.1g
Protein 12g 31g
Salt 0.72g 1.9g