Is there such a thing as a healthier sausage?

With ‘bacon-gate’ causing a stir and World Health Organisation warnings about excessive consumption of red and processed meat, HECK has a great alternative for anyone wanting to embark on a healthy eating plan without giving up their beloved bangers.

Launched last year, HECK Chicken Italia sausages have raced up the pecking order to become the nation’s favourite gourmet bangers with a healthy twist and now slimmers, free-from groups and those wanting to stay in shape without giving up their favourite foods are tucking in. 


HECK also added two new lines packed with flavour – HECK Zesty Chicken and Smoky Paprika Chicken sausages – these are available in Morrison’s and Asda supermarkets as well as through the HECK online store.

Like all HECK sausages, the chicken range:

  • Has a high meat content - minimum 85% lean, farm assured British chicken (reports suggest the healthiest sausages are those with a high meat content, as they’re not packed with fillers to bulk them out)
  • Is free from nitrates or nitrites(salts which help kill bacteria in products like bacon, salami and chorizo, and linked to the recent health scare)
  • Is gluten-free
  • Is lower in calories and saturated fat (70% less fat than regular pork sausages)