Here at HECK! we are passionate about our brand and the quality of our products. We are keen to educate the next generation about the food industry and inform secondary/sixth form students about the wide range of opportunities that will be available to them once they have left education. We are very passionate about giving young people from all levels of education a chance to prosper at Heck, and this a message that we want   to spread throughout the industry. 

It might be that they are not sure about what they want to be when they grow up, so are struggling with subject choices to help meet their goals. We would like to come and have a chat so that hopefully, when we leave, they will have a clearer idea about what’s needed to enter the wonderful world of the food industry. 

And there isn’t only becoming chef or a manufacturer. Once the food is made lots of people are involved in selling and marketing it. And what about where it was made? How does it get to the consumer? How do consumers hear about it? How does it get into the supermarket? There is no wrong path to take, as there are so many ways in which to start your journey.


If you know a secondary school/college/learning centre that would like Ben & Ellie to come in and have a chat with the pupils then please email  ellie@heckfood.co.uk 

We have a HECK! catering unit, so can bring some of our products and cook them up for the school if requested. Just ask Ellie for more details.


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