Burgers, Burgers, Burgers! Do You Love Burgers Like We Love Burgers?

Today is a burger takeover day! We’ve got a special limited availability Banging Burger Bundle and over on social it is #burgersallday!

We folks at HECK love burgers just as much as our sausages and so we wanted to prove to you that there’s so much more to them than simply BBQing and putting them in a bun.

Why not bag a Banging Burger Bundle from our online shop and get started on a burger-tastic day?



You probably don’t wake up in the morning and think ‘I really want a burger’, but why the HECK not?  They make the perfect fit on top of a bagel or crumpet.

Take a look at our burger recipes for more inspiration.



HECK Burgers recipes suggestions

Skip the bun this lunchtime and plate up your favourite salad with a burger on the side, or get creative and whip up these chicken Scotch eggs.

Here are some of our favourite salads:



HECK Burger recipe suggestions

We aren’t going to recommend a burger in a bun for dinner! How about a marinated Dim Sum Burger?  Or a burger smorgas?  Or perhaps a filo wrapped burger parcel?

The options are endless, so how about some of these other ideas?


How do you bring your burgers to life? Share your recipe ideas with us over on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with #burgersallday

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