Packed with lean British pork, our versatile Fair & Square patties make the perfect sausage meat base for stuffing the turkey or creating pretty parcels and pigs in blankets with a twist. Cut, shape & mix them with  your favourite herbs & ingredients before wrapping in streaky bacon and popping in the oven.

They’re also perfect for folk who love the taste of deliciously sticky pig in a blanket but don’t like biting through a sausage skin.

Posh Parcels & Pigs In Blankets

Cook time:
Prep time:


• 1x 400g pack HECK Fair & Square Sausages
• 14 – 16 rashers good quality streaky bacon

Fillings To Try 

• Dried apricots, cut in half on one side and 6 dried cranberries on the other
• Dried apricots cut in half on one side and a combination of fried shallot, baby
chestnut mushrooms, chopped cooked chestnuts and diced celery
• Dried figs cut in half and placed on one side
• Dried dates, cut in half and stone removed, replace stone with chopped pistachio nuts
• Sausage flattened and topped with crumbled stilton, then reshaped to cover the stilton
• Sausage flattened and topped with crumbled Wensleydale and a few dried
cranberries, then reshaped to cover the filling
• HECK Fair & Square sausage cut into 1/4’s and rolled into a sausage shape,
wrapped in streaky bacon like a traditional pig in a blanket


1. Cut each Fair & Square sausage in half.
2. Slightly flatten rashers of bacon with a palette knife to make them longer and thinner.
3. Mix sausage halves with chosen filling and assemble as above in filling suggestions.
4. If topping a sausage portion with apricots, figs, dates etc, keep the rectangular shape and wrap 1 or 2 rashers around to encase the
topping. Then take a further rasher of bacon place the parcel in the middle, bring the end of the bacon together and tie together
as with ribbon.
5. If filling halves with cheese and reshaping, again wrap with 1 or 2 rashers to encase the filling and stop melted cheese escaping
during cooking.
6. If making plain pork pigs in a blanket, cut each Fair & Square sausage into quarters. Wrap 1 or 2 rashers of bacon around each
quarter, depending on how much bacon you like.
7. Place the parcels, pockets and pigs in blankets on a baking sheet and cook in a preheated oven 190°C/170°C Fan/Gas Mark 5 for 25
minutes until the bacon is tinged with brown and the ends are going crispy.
8. Serve with Christmas dinner or as tasty party nibbles.


Follow your normal recipe for pigs in blankets but substitute pork sausages for HECK Chicken Italia, Smoky Paprika or Zesty Lemon
chipolatas. Wrap in good quality streaky bacon, cook according to recipe instructions and impress your guests with a lower fat,
gluten-free treat to steal the turkey’s crown.

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