This seems like a bit of a cheat in that it’s less of a recipe than a serving suggestion!  But what the heck, you could say you’re getting several recipes in one go…. and a perfect choice of options for an easy family meal with some more adventurous twists for those of you feeling bolder.  The recipe below gives instructions for a family friendly version with cheddar, cabbage and red pesto… plus some awesome alternatives underneath that you can substitute.

HECK Family Favourite Chipolata Cheesy Boats

Serves 4


Preparation time 10 mins / Cooking time 15 mins 

Soft tortilla ‘boats’

1 pack of Family Favourite Chipolatas

10 slices of medium cheddar

½ savoy cabbage

3 tsp red pesto


Grill the sausages for around 15 minutes under a medium-high heat, turning regularly to ensure even cooking.  Meanwhile, finely chop the savoy cabbage and steam or boil for 3-4 minutes. Return to the warm saucepan and stir the red pesto through and keep warm until ready to serve.


Place a slice of the cheese in each tortilla, then grill to melt the cheese. To assemble the boats, spoon a generous amount of cabbage into each boat, and top with a chipolata.



It’s possible to buy cheese slices in all sorts of varieties now – why not try blue cheese and fill the boat with sautéed leeks and watercress. Or if you like goats cheese, roast some small chunks of butternut squash in a hot oven before filling the boats with the roasted squash. For children, peas always seem to be a great favourite so you could try peas with a dash of pesto, or a mix of their favourite vegetables.

Nutritional Info

Serving Size: 182.25g

Amount Per Serving

Calories: 417kcal

Total Fat: 20.29g

Saturates: 8.01g

Sugars: 3.94g

Salt: 2.36g

Protein: 23.25g

Carbs: 34.98

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