Naked Chicken Sausages

Naked Chicken Sausages

Naked Chicken Sausages


Lovely, lean, low fat skinless chicken sausages. But full of flavour!

Why should pork get all the glory? Dice these chicken sausages in a casserole or simply tuck them into pastry, they will make you forget about pork!

We use the best British chicken for our skinless sausages. They are low fat, gluten free, a great protein source and are perfect if you are watching your waist!

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What the HECK goes into a damn good chicken sausage?

Simply the best British chicken is used to create our Naked Chicken Sausages

The delicious seasoning of our skinless chicken sausages will make them go perfectly into casseroles, pastries or simply oven baked as little parcels rolled in prosciutto. They are packed with flavour but are low fat, perfect if you are watching your weight.  And just like all of HECK’s products, our Naked Chicken are gluten-free too.

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