Family Favourite Chipolatas

Family Favourite Chipolatas

Lovely, lean and lightly seasoned pork sausages made from best pork shoulder.

Good old pork sausages. Comforting, noble and satisfying, this is the original family favourite sausage, a classic that’ll never lose its shine. All hail!

These pork sausages are dairy & gluten-free, plus high in protein and low in sugar. Huzzah!


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What the HECK goes into a damn good pork sausage?

These pork chipolatas are sure to be loved by the whole family which is why we called them Family Favourites.

If you have been searching for a gluten-free sausage that you can serve up to everyone at mealtimes, then begin here.  With a tasty recipe that is sure to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters and dairy free too, these sausages contain simply the best British pork shoulder, making them the tastiest classic family sausage.

Stock up here or in your local Sainsbury'sMorrison’s supermarket and Ocado. 

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