Banging Burger Bundle

Banging Burger Bundle

The Bangin Burger Bundle

Try our full flavoursome range of fantastic burgers with our 'Bangin Burger Bundle'! Consisting of 2 x Zesty Chicken 4pk, 2 x Chicken Italia 4pk, 2 x Spring Chicken 4pk, 2 x Simpy Chicken 4pk, 2 x Majestic Pork 4pk & last but not least 2 x Ultimate Burger 2pk. Thats 44 whoppers for a discounted price of £35.00 Bangin.....


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What the HECK goes into a Bangin Burger Bundle?

This bundle includes all our favourite burgers! A mix of chicken, pork and beef.

2 x Zesty Chicken 4pk

2 x Chicken Italia 4pk

2 x Spring Chicken 4pk

2 x Simpy Chicken 4pk

2 x Majestic Pork 4pk

2 x Ultimate Burger 2pk.

Thats 44 burgers!

The perfect bundle for a big get together, party or BBQ. Or simply get your freezer stocked up!

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