Why Is Bone Broth The Next Big Thing?

You might have spotted bone broth appearing on more and more menus in High Street chains recently like Pret’s and EAT. And we’ve recently been cooking up some products and taking to some of the shows we appear at.

So what’s all the fuss, and are we launching some?

Well, despite the fact it’s one of oldest homemade foods to soothe the unwell, it’s recently come under the spotlight as it’s got a huge amount of attention from celebrity bloggers and some food writers because it’s said to be rich in protein, vitamins, keratin and collagen; the latter especially good for skin.

It’s made by gently cooking chicken bones over a long period so the protein and minerals are released from the bones; we add onions, carrots, bay leaves and a handful of peppercorns and some salt to create a super-nutritious, yet delicious, drink or base.

And it’s super-versatile. Drink as a savoury replacement for tea and coffee, or use as a base for soups, stews or even risotto’s. 

So we’re producing two varieties of bone broth - one Original and one Thai flavoured -  and taking to all the shows - starting with the BBC Good Food Show this weekend. And shortly we’ll be selling through our online shop.

Hopefully soon you’ll also find them in our bigger grocery customers; we’ll let you know!

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