Who Needs A Gym To Build Muscle

Who needs a gym to build muscle?


HECK! is always a super busy place; if we’re not making sausages, burgers and balls then we’re driving up and down the country to all the events that we do every single week! We suffer from the same thing as just about everyone else, there’s just no time to get to the gym, so we have to make use of what we have!


After feeling guilty about missing the gym for the millionth time this month, we said “To HECK! with the gym!” and we started doing it with the ten minutes we have available. The key to this kind of fitness is to use your muscles explosively – put in as much effort as you feel you comfortably can. You can do a body-weight workout and not only build muscle, but also get a good cardio workout, even if you only have fifteen minutes to spare! Try doing these without stopping in between…


Grab a bit of space and get ready for the HECK! body weight circuits!


  • 20 squats – you can use a wall for balance
  • 10 push ups – keeping your back straight and pushing from your shoulders
  • 20 walking lunges
  • 10 mountain climbers
  • 15 second plank
  • 30 star jumps


Once you can repeat these twice, comfortably without stopping in between, you can increase the number of reps per exercise. If you’d prefer to increase the intensity rather than the number of reps you can grab a couple of household items to create weighted exercise. It’s probably easier to use tins of beans rather than packets of sausages, but anything that slightly increases the difficulty will help!


HECK! rules!

  • Always warm up first – if you are really struggling for time, cut down the exercise plan, not the warm up.
  • If you’re short of space, jog on the spot or use your first step to hop up and down; as long as your heart rate goes up and your muscles get warm, it will work.
  • Just like warm up, never skip stretching or you’ll end up with Delayed Onset Muscle Stiffness (DOMS) and everyone hates DOMS.
  • Do this a few times a week, ideally one day on, one day off. It gives your body time to adjust.
  • Eat right. Fuel your body with the right mix of proteins, carbs, fats, vitamins and minerals and you’ll find your body responds much more positively to exercise.

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