Reasons you should add Sauerkraut to your diet!

#1. Nutrition

Sauerkraut is rich in fibre. Not only is it rich in fibre, but it is packed with minerals, such as manganese, copper, magnesium and calcium. That all may sound a bit scientific, but the bottom line is that each of those minerals are found in Sauerkraut, and they’re all super good for your bodies.


#2. Digestion

Cabbage is the main ingredient in Sauerkraut. Its fermented (this basically means that the ingredients are left to sit and sleep until they become bacteria-boosting agents) for between 1 week and several months! Salt, water and in some cases herbs and spices are added to enhance flavour. Cabbage supplies the body with a high amount of dietary fibre, which helps your body fight against digestive disorders. Say hello to happy bowels!


#3. Vitamin C

Sauerkraut contains a high concentration of Vitamin C, in fact it can be so rich in Vitamin C that it can meet 35% of the daily need of an ordinary person! Your body needs this for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body. It’s great for your immune system, and that is hands down one of the best sauerkraut health benefits!


#4. Bones

Have you ever heard of vitamin K? Well, sauerkraut is packed full of vitamin K, and this is what makes it so special. Vitamin K is quite uncommon in that it only exists in a select few foods. It’s been proven to prevent problems such as osteoporosis, which is a common bone-related problem that can happen when you get a little older. Alongside that, Vitamin K assists the transport of calcium around the body and helps to strengthen all our bones!


#5. Energy

Iron has a positive influence on circulation, which enables different organs in the body to get more oxygen. This can really boost your energy levels. This sort of caffeine equivalent may not be everyone’s cup of tea (excuse the pun), but if it makes you feel good then why the Heck not!


#6. Look after your heart

Fibre in sauerkraut also plays such an important role when it comes to maintaining the hearts health. It’s powerful enough to eliminate harmful cholesterol in your artery walls, reducing the chances of heart-related problems such as strokes and heart attacks.


#7. Gut Health

And last, but not least, Sauerkraut is rich in probiotic bacteria to promote a healthy gut. A healthy gut means a healthy body! Friendly bacteria comprise about 70% of our immune response.


Start living healthy today!



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