Ginger: The Wonder Root!

Ginger is known around the world for its amazing health benefits. The remedy root can help with nausea, strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation, along with many other positives. In recent years it has become very popular within the millennial generation, it can be found at your local coffee shop as an extra shot in your juice or blended into a winter soup.


Whether it’s in fresh, powdered or dried, consuming ginger is great for so many reasons…


#1 Helps with Nausea -

Historically it was used as a natural remedy for sea sickness and morning sickness. A recent study found that pregnant women having more ginger in their diet was an effective aid at decreasing the symptoms of nausea.


#2 Helps with joint and muscle pain -

Ginger is well-known for reducing muscle pain and soreness caused by exercising. The anti-inflammatory properties of the root has been credited for this benefit. The daily consumption of ginger has been advised to help with muscle and joint pain.


#3 Skin care -

Ginger can help with symptoms of eczema, this is thanks to its anti – inflammatory properties. Introducing ginger tea or juice into your diet means you can potentially aid skin conditions like acne and psoriasis.


#4 Treats cold and flu -

It has been prescribed to fight illnesses and infection like cold and flu. A helpful remedy can be chopping raw ginger into hot water with a squidge of honey and lemon, the tea induces sweating which helps detox the body, so you should feel fresh as a daisy in no time.


#5 One of the Essential Oils-

Ginger can also be made into an oil, being one of many essential oils it has been known for its stimulating properties. It can also help with relieving anxiety, mental stress, exhaustion and dizziness.


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