Nutrition & Allergy Advice

Are all HECK sausages gluten-free?

Yes the full range of HECK products are gluten-free. Always have been, always will be. 

What about dairy?

The only products that contain dairy are the Pork and Wensleydale chipolatas, and the Chicken Italia range which contain mozzarella. Everything else made by HECK is totally wheat-free, gluten-free and dairy free. 

I have other allergies, how do I find out about these?

On each product page on our website you will find full nutritional details and ingredient lists.  If your question isn't answered there, then Get In Touch with us.

Which of your products are vegan?

The Super Greens Balls, Sweet Fusion Balls & Bollywood Bites are vegan and we have more vegan products in the pipeline so keep an eye out for them.

Do your products contain sugar?

Because of the high meat content in our products, we add a small amount of sugar that acts as a browning agent whilst cooking. 

Is your meat free-range?

Our pork and chicken are not free range or organic. The pork that comes into our production process is a mixture of outdoor and indoor bred pork. We use British meat for all of our products. This includes British pork, and British chicken breast & thigh for our sausages & burgers. We buy British because we believe British meat has the highest standards of husbandry.

Before we started making our own sausages we were pig farmers for 20 years, so we know that it is a good farmer that determines a happy animal, not the farming system. We only buy from farms that put the welfare of the animals first, ensuring that they are happy healthy pigs & chickens.  Pigs actually don’t like running around outside in the middle of winter (after all they don’t have much hair on their backs).  They prefer to be inside. If the farming system had a name it would probably be called “common sense” farming. 

In the UK, about 60% of pork comes from indoor reared and 40% from outdoor. Because we don't specify outdoor or organic pork, we have a mixture in our sausages. 

British Welfare standards are set out by the Department of Environment and Agriculture (DEFRA) and are legally binding. The standards were developed by the Farm Animal Welfare Council and known as the Five Freedoms. These form a logical basis for assessing animal welfare within any husbandry system, together with the actions necessary to safeguard animal welfare. The Five Freedoms are:


Freedom from hunger and thirst by ready access to fresh water and a diet to maintain full health and energy; Freedom from discomfort, by providing an appropriate environment including shelter and a comfortable resting area; Freedom from pain injury or disease, by prevention or by rapid diagnosis and treatment; Freedom to express most normal behaviour by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of the animals own kind and Freedom from fear and distress, by ensuring conditions and treatment to avoid mental suffering. Full detail's on the government code is below.


In pig farming, some pigs have their tails docked because of welfare reasons. This must be carried out by either a vet or a trained person in the most humane and pain freeway. The Real Welfare report estimates that 70% of UK pigs have their tails docked. As farmers ourselves, we know that is necessary sometimes to dock tails, but only with by a trained vet after an expert assessment.


As an extra layer of transparency, we believe you can also see for yourselves the farms which have a high quality of husbandry, with good stock men and women who understand the animals needs, whether it's chickens or pigs. We also have a programme of visits to our farmers and meat processors, so we can guarantee for ourselves the standards of husbandry, based on our own experience and the British standard. Our supply is completely transparent to us and via our suppliers we know exactly where our meat comes from. And we take that ethos right through to our factory. Very soon you'll be able to visit us at Heck HQ when our visitor centre is built to see for yourselves how Heck Food is made. We are also working with retailers, government bodies and organisations such as Compassion in World Farming, to ensure the most transparent labelling information possible in order for customers to make informed choices when they are buying our food.

What Does our packaging mean: The mean we buy is British standard because we believe these are the highest standards of husbandry in the UK.

  • The pig or chicken on the front signifies whether it's a chicken or pork sausage

  • The farm represents the fact that our factory is built on our family's old farm

  • The tractor with the flag represents the fact we farm 800 acres and we are fiercely proud of our independence

  • The British flag is to signify we buy British as we believe that British is the highest standard of husbandry

 If you have any more questions about pork production and husbandry, please email Debbie Keeble direct on


When will my order arrive?

We deliver our orders daily, except Mondays and Sundays, and you can choose your delivery slot at the time you place your order.

  • Orders placed on Monday will have the option for delivery on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

  • Orders placed on Tuesday will have the option for delivery on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

  • Orders placed on Wednesday will have the option for delivery on Friday, Saturday or the following Tuesday.

  • Orders placed on Thursday will have the option for delivery on Saturday, or Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the following week.

  • Orders placed on Friday will have the option for delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday the following week.

  • Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday will have the option for delivery on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, or Saturday the following week.

What are the delivery charges?

For deliveries in the UK Mainland:

  • Our 4 pack bundles have a delivery charge of ÂŁ2.99 (excluding Saturdays)

  • Our 10 pack bundles qualify for FREE delivery (excluding Saturdays)

  • There will be a charge of ÂŁ4.99 for Saturday deliveries to the UK Mainland, excluding the Scottish Highlands & Islands.

For deliveries in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Northern Ireland and Eire:

  • All bundles will be charged at ÂŁ5.99, for any size of order.

  • Order any day of the week for delivery the FOLLOWING Wednesday.

HECK is also widely available in a range of supermarkets, so look up the nearest one to where you live.

How are HECK products packaged for delivery?

We send out our burgers, bangers and balls in cool boxes with ice packs to keep your purchase chilled. Your order will arrive packaged in one of our insulated boxes, or an insulated postage sleeve and we add lots of ice packs into your order to keep the products cool.

There were some items missing from my order, what should I do?

Firstly, we’re really sorry that we made a mistake so let us help fix that. Please contact and we’ll send out your missing packs straight away, or if you prefer we can offer you a refund so just let us know.

Who delivers the parcels?

We use DPD to deliver our parcels. They aim to deliver to you between the hours of 8am-6pm. Busy periods may affect these delivery hours but you should be able to track your parcel if you give us your email address and phone number when you order.

You can also add a delivery note when you place your order to instruct the couriers if they can leave your parcel in a safe place if you are out.

Can I track my parcel?

You will also be able to track your order if you give us your email address and phone number when you place your order, and once the courier has your parcel, they will keep you updated with progress.

Why don’t you deliver to my postcode area?

We’ve now teamed up with DPD who are able to get deliveries to customers in Northern Ireland & Eire, and to parts of the Scottish Highlands & Islands that we weren’t able to reach before. 

Due to ferry crossing issues, we still can’t deliver to the following Scottish postcodes: ZE and HS

Unfortunately we are unable to offer mail order to the following areas: Channel Islands, Scillies and Isle of Man.

Why don’t you deliver to particular postcodes or areas?

As our products are perishable goods they need to be kept very cool. Although our packaging is designed to keep the products cool for 48hours, unfortunately it can take our courier over 24 hours to reach some postcodes and areas. We certainly wouldn’t want anyone to have a warm delivery of bangers - yuck!

Storage & Cooking

Can I freeze HECK products?

Yes, all our products freeze really well so bulk buy for the freezer so that you never run out!

What's the best way to cook HECK products?

You can grill, fry, saute, barbecue and bake almost all our products.  Cooking instructions are on each product packaging for tips on best ways and cooking times so check out the sides of the packs.

Do the sausages I buy from your online shop arrive fresh or frozen?

All of our products arrive fresh. All of our products are suitable for home freezing.

Contacting the HECK Team

What are the HECK office opening times?

Our office is open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm.

We aim to get back to all emails and messages within 48 hours, however during busy periods it may take us slightly longer – so please bear with us!

I have a query. Who do I contact?

For all queries please contact or call 01845 567709. We aim to get back to you within 48 hours.

HECK Product Availability

Are your products available outside of the UK?

Yes!  We can now deliver to Eire.

Can I buy your products in the Republic Of Ireland?

We are now able to deliver to the Republic of Ireland using DPD as our courier. All bundles will be charged at ÂŁ5.99, for any size of order. Order any day of the week for delivery the FOLLOWING Wednesday.

Are your products stocked in stores in Northern Ireland?

Unfortunately we don’t have any listings in stores in Northern Ireland at the moment, however we’re currently working on getting our products onto the shelves.  Hopefully it won’t be too long until you see them in your local supermarkets!

Which supermarkets stock HECK?

Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s, ASDA, Booths, Ocado, Amazon Fresh, Waitrose, Co-op. (Selected stores & lines) as well as supermarket online stores where they have them.  Find more details of which products are stocked by which supermarkets here. 

Which is the nearest store to me which sell HECK products?

Please use our store finder on the website to find out where your nearest stockist is. 

Do you have any vouchers or coupons?

Unfortunately we don’t have any vouchers or coupons, but if you don’t already then please follow us on social media to keep up-to-date with our latest offers.  You can find HECK on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

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